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Game Length: Games are seven (7) innings long. A game becomes official game after four (4) innings are completed (3 ½ innings if the home team is winning). Please see extra inning rules below.

Mercy Rule: The mercy rule is in effect if a team leads by 15 runs after four (4) innings or 10 runs after five (5) innings. The home team always receives its last at-bat if needed.

Extra Innings: If a game is tied after seven (7) innings have been completed, the “tie-breaker”  will go into effect. Each team puts the batter who made last out in the previous inning on second base and plays out a full inning. If an inning is completed using this format and there is still no winner, each team puts runners on second and third base (those who made the last two outs in the previous inning) and the inning will be played out. In the playoffs, this format continues until a winner is determined.

Pitching: a player may pitch a max of 7 innings in a game and 9 innings total for the playoffs. If a player throws 60+ pitches, he would need 2 days rest prior to pitching again. If a player throws 1 pitch in an inning it counts as an inning. Pitching innings and pitch count must be added to the Game Statistics on the website by the day after the game at the latest.

Line-ups/Batting Order: A team must start a game with nine (9) players, but can finish with eight (8) players. The batting order must consist of at least nine (9) players. Teams have the option of using as many “extra hitters” as they want. However, the number of hitters in the batting order cannot be changed once a game starts. Players not in the starting batting order can be entered into any spot in the order at any time. If a player re-enters the batting order after having been replaced, he must re-enter in the same spot from which he was pulled. During the playoffs, if a player is injured (or otherwise unavailable) while using a continuous batting order and that player’s spot in the batting order comes up, an out is recorded and then the team continues with the batting order. 

Substitution/Re-entry: There are no restrictions on defensive substitutions. Players do not need to be in the batting order to be eligible to play defensively.

Courtesy Runners: There are no courtesy runners. Pinch runners can be used if not in the active batting lineup. If a pinch runner is used, they are then subject to the re-entry rule for the batting order.

Minimum Playing Time: There is no minimum playing time requirement.

Intentional Walks: Pitches must be thrown for an intentional walk.

Balks: No warnings in playoff games. 

Make-ups – Best efforts to play a game the following day in the event of a rainout.

Game Balls and Umpire Fees. The league will pay for the umpires in the Championship game only and will supply a half-dozen baseballs for the Championship game. All other playoff games will remain the same as the regular season with each team paying 1 umpire and each team supplying 2-3 game balls.

Appeals - Any appeal will require notification to the Playoff Committee that evening of the game in question and then the Playoff Committee, with consultation from the EMIBL board, will make a decision the following day. (2019 Playoff Committee – Andy DiPietro (978-580-1701) adipietro@climatezone.biz, PJ Melanson (781-389-3234)  PJ@Melcohomedesign.com and Dan Ardito (978-604-7813) Daniel.ardito@comcast.net

Seeding: Seeding was based on the league website standings (weighted percentage/wins/head to head as of May 24th (to allow time for securing fields and scheduling umpires).